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What is Saltar?

Saltar is a simple web builder. Our one goal is to make it really easy to create a website. No need to worry about technical jargons like hosting, backend/frontend services, etc. Everthing is created with 3 clicks aways, from animation, texts, images.

When should I use it?

Saltar is designed for people with no technical or design background, whose wants to create a website. Are you a "techni-pro" or "design savvy"? Publish a website with Saltar doesn't evolve technical matters, cost much less time and money, you will find Saltar useful.

How is Saltar in compare with other web builders?

Saltar thrives to provide familiar user experience. We constantly working on minimize the learning curve and simpify complex things like animation

I'm new here, where do I start?

You just need an account. To create an account, visit (or click on the "Login" button on the top menu). Then choose "Register Now" to create an account using your email, or just login with your social account (Facebook or Google)

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